About Us

Natural Forest Foundation

Natural Forest Foundation was established as a response to the growing need of engaging the society in activities aimed at social and cultural changes for the improvement of the natural environment condition. In our opinion the current Western civilization model based on sustainable development is insufficient for the survival of wildlife in the long term.

The problems that arise from the confrontation of the humanity and nature needs are caused by the lack of a thorough analysis of the approach to the issues. The trends promoted nowadays: living in harmony with nature, respecting the Earth’s resources, do not include the urgent need for systemic changes to reduce pressure on the environment, excessive and unwarranted consumption of land reserves, overpopulation and urbanization. They recognize the primacy of development and freedom in the use of resources to achieve very high living standards of the industrialized countries societies. These trends value superficial, ineffective solutions which cannot lead to any major transformation.

Our goal is to promote feasible changes in the functioning of civilization, mark up in the consciousness of society the alternative and nature-friendly development paths, which also meet the safety, health and human self-fulfillment needs.

As an organization dealing with environmental protection we implement projects for improvement of the typical forest habitats and species conditions. We carry out or outsource research and monitoring projects to determine the status of species and their habitats in order to provide adequate protection.
We also implement watchdog activities aiming at examining the quality of approved or created plans, projects and strategies that might contribute to the negative impact on the environment. In addition, we carry out civic monitoring of public institutions responsible for the natural resources management and their protection. We focus on identifying and proposing pro-natural solutions possible to implement.